MSI MEGA mPC 51PV Barebone Review
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 01 September 2007 16:26
(Image from Digit-Life)

Take a look at this unit along with Digit-Life:

There is some stagnation on the barebone market segment, which is apparently caused by rather high average prices for such systems along with their innate expandability limitations. Despite that, all those willing to build a compact computer with attractive (or at least unusual) appearance can find something suitable. In this article we shall have a look at a barebone of the standard (if the term is at all applicable) format. A "cubic" computer chassis with a motherboard that has integrated graphical core, but not without additional capability to install a fully-functional video card.

Read the full review at Digit-Life:

Chassis is designed using predominantly black color. Only the front panel side-frame is silver-like. The polished front panel can be considered a plus or a minus, because the pretty shine is very much dependent on one's determination to keep the surface clean from dust and finger prints. Nevertheless, these kinds of coatings became popular not only among monitors, speakers and other peripherals, but also with much more exposed to the elements notebook computers. Hence, this decorative style must have many supporters. Chassis size is traditional for SFF - 210x330x175 mm.

Front panel bays (optical drive, card-reader) and peripheral ports are covered with lids. Cover for the 5-inch bay has a spring and opens when the CD/DVD tray is ejected. Controls in keeping with tradition include a power-on button and original "remote" button for opening the disk tray. The control signal must be sent over the IDE bus, whereas most chassis with decorative bay covers use a mechanism that presses the corresponding button of the optical drive itself.

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