AVC M-1 Media PC Case
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Saturday, 03 November 2007 21:34
AVC M=1 Media PC Case
(Image from Techware Labs)

Techware Labs take a gander at this unit:

The everyday PC gamer may spend quite a bit of his/her spare time (outside of Work and school) sitting in front of the gaming PC blasting away at an opponent who may be an A.I. algorithm or a coffee house gamer across the globe. There is ,however, a small yet growing segment of the PC world that is developing to the home media environment in the area of PC being connected to the family TV. This is not new to most of you who read TWL as the inclusion of the Media based PC has been around for a while, but for some the media PC is just now obtainable. Also with modern LCD's , plasma's and DLP TV's providing incredible clarity of 1080P as appose to older tube TVs, watching movies from the internet and/or playing games is the next big thing. This is the reason so many companies have jumped aboard the online availability of television programming. There are plenty of already built media devices on the market, and the majority of them have preloaded options which make you have to wait for firmware releases before you can use the newest release of video format. Building your own media PC still seems to be the way to go for many people.

Read the full review at Techware Labs:


Dimension ( W x D x H ) Chassis 345 x 390 x 145mm
Carton Box Color Silver / Black
Multi Port USB2.0 x 2port, Audio + MIC port, IEEE 1394
Form Factor Micro ATX
Drive Bay 5.25" x 1 (Ext) / 3.5" x 3 ( Int)
Expansion Slots 4 Slots
M/B Size Micro ATX
Weight Net : 6.7kg / Gross : 7.5kg
Fan Rear 80mm Fan / Front 80mm Fan
Optional VFD Module : 16 x 2 Character VFD
Manual : English edition

A quick look at its specifications and the picture above shows you that this case looks like it belongs integrated with your DVD player and amplifier. The inclusion of the VFD makes for an attractive as well as useful media device. It has the usual compliment of ports and the manual is even in english.

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