Dark Reading reports on a rootkit with camoflage
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 17 July 2006 14:26
New Rootkit Plays Hard to Get

"JULY 17, 2006 | A newly discovered rootkit may not be particularly threatening in itself, but its unique method of concealment could pave the way for more malicious exploits, researchers say.

Symantec and F-Secure are both reporting the discovery of sophisticated malware that combines emerging rootkit technology with old Trojan horse strategies to create a new threat that could escape many current methods of rootkit detection.

The exploit, called Backdoor.Rustock.A by Symantec and Mailbot.AZ by F-Secure, opens a back door in a compromised computer and allows it to be used as a covert proxy, enabling an attacker to use the computer to send email or build a botnet. Symantec calls the risk level of the rootkit "very low."

However, researchers at both Symantec and F-Secure say the sophisticated effort to conceal the exploit could presage more dangerous exploits in the future."
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