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Guide: Custom Case Side Panels - Page 5
Cases, Cooling and Power
Written by booman   
Saturday, 12 August 2006 01:00
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Step four:

Notching - using a small metal saw to cut out the pre-measured notches.  Measure over and over to get it right. I actually made a big mistake with the notches the first time. I forgot to offset the notches so the panels could slide in to the holes on the case.  A little improvising fixed that one.  The clamps came in very handy because they held the metal down while I cut.  Make sure to invest in some clamps!  You will never regret it.

(Click for larger image)

The 90 degree bent edge. This side will serve as the back edge to the panel where it will screw into the case with some thumb screws.  You can also see the doubled up edges and the angle cuts to make a corner to the panel.

(Click for larger image)

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