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Guide: Custom Case Side Panels - Page 8
Cases, Cooling and Power
Written by booman   
Saturday, 12 August 2006 01:00
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Step seven:

Cutting - I used an old jigsaw for cutting all the shapes out of the sheet metal.  I had to buy a metal cutting blade that resembled a hacksaw blade. Also make sure your jigsaw has adjustable speeds. The cut will go smoother depending on the thickness of your metal and the speed of the blade. I also had to rig up ways to hold the metal still while I  was cutting. The thing would vibrate like crazy and made my cutting harder. I think the ideal tool would be a band saw and you could move the metal while it cuts. Watch out for sharp edges and slivers of metal.

(Click for larger image)

I came up with a cool short-cut for cutting out the bottom of the windows. I used the same technique for bending the metal. Use your angle iron and clamp it down so it is aligned with the bottom edge of your window. Score it thouroughly and then bend it upward 90 degress and then bend it down again.  Then start bending it back and forth quickly until it snaps off from the friction. Snap, window done.

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