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Guide: Custom Case Side Panels - Page 10
Cases, Cooling and Power
Written by booman   
Saturday, 12 August 2006 01:00
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Step nine:

Etching - Cut out your plexi-glass to fit the window. I cut mine into a trapezoid shape so there was no extra plexi on the edges (I wanted  to leave room for the screws).   I then used a permanent marker and traced the windows on to the plexiglass and left the extra film on it to protect the glass from hair-line scratches.

(Click for larger image)

If you're an artist, then start making your drawing in the marked areas. If not, then have your artist friend sketch something out. I decided on a stained-glass look with some Biblical figures to keep a Cathedral environment. I also decided to keep the middle window clear so you can see the computer hardware. Here is a pic of my sketched out figures.

(Click for larger image)

If you have the patience, start etching by hand. If not, then you can use an engraving tool.  There is no real easy way to get the affect of etching without spending some money or doing it by hand.

(Click for larger image)

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