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How to Overclock the Intel Core i5-2500K
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 10 January 2011 16:08


Now that you've read the Intel Sandy Bridge review and seen how awesome the Core i5-2500K is you'll no doubt be eager to own one. With LGA1155 kit due to go on sale on Sunday 9 January, we wanted to arm you with all the overclocking knowledge you'll need to get the best from whichever setup you choose.

Intel's Core i5-2500K is a tasty chip, with a maximum multiplier of 57x. That limits the CPU to around 6GHz (the Base Clock of good motherboards can be overclocked to 105MHz, or even a touch more), and you may well think that this is beyond the capabilities of all but those with a private LN2 supplier. You'd be right too, but you can get somewhere near this astronomical figure using a basic air-cooler.



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