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Guide: Open hard drive surgery - Extract the vitals
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 13 May 2007 21:00
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Guide: Open hard drive surgery
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Removing Hub



Taking the hub loose is a bit tricky, owing to the fact that (oddly enough) the spindle wants to turn with the screw.  The only way to deal with this is by apply counter pressure to the spindle to keep it from turning while you remove the screw.  Apparently, the manufacturer has to deal with the problem as well (fancy that).  See those 4 little holes around the edge of the hub cover?  They work as dandy fixing points; just stick something in there (in my case, a small jeweler's screw driver) to stop the rotation, and then undo the hub screw.

Hub and ring assembly

Once you've got the hub screw loose, you'll notice that the hub actually consists of two parts.  The top part is a clamping plate (which the screw fastens down).  Below that is a clamping ring.  The clamping plate is made of spring steel, and the whole arrangement is designed so that all you have to do is just tighten the screw down until it bottoms; the plate ensures that you don't have too much pressure on the platter and end up warping or damaging it. Now we've got the hub off, we need to do something real quick to ensure that we don't get the platter flipped by accident.  In my case, I just used a small marker and placed a dot on the disk inside the area where the hub ring rested.  Placing it here allowed me to ensure that I could identify 'this side up' on the platter, while also ensuring that I didn't do something to disrupt the data area.

OK, so now we've got the hub off, and the top side of the platter marked.  Now it's time to handle the platter.  I have a pair of cloth gloves for this; I would imaging rubber gloves would work just as well.

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