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Review: Tuniq Freezing Storm Computer Case - Interior and Installation
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Written by Samuknow   
Thursday, 31 January 2008 22:34
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Review: Tuniq Freezing Storm Computer Case
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Interior and Installation

The first things I noticed after taking off the side panel were the tool-less brackets all along the front bays of the case. This will be my first case to have tool-less drive mounting. I then notice there are 2 120mm fans ,mounted on a center bracket, that when powered up will circulate air across the vital components in your system (this is something the over-clockers have been doing for years). We will test later to see how much of a difference it makes.  Here is a closer look at the drive cage and drive locks. Our unit also came with a 450 watt power supply installed. 

Image  Image  Image

Next, the hardware was installed. I was very anxious to see how the tool-less design worked. I went ahead and put the HDD brackets on my drive. The brackets just push into the screw holes on the side of the drive before sliding the drive and rails into the drive bay until you hear a “click”. Nice and secure. This case comes with 3 pairs of drive rails.

After mounting the HDD, I moved to the DVD Burner.  I popped off the top drive bay cover and slid my DVD Burner drive into place. After it was in place I moved the bracket forward and then slid the lock down. It was that easy.

To install the main board, I had to remove the bracket for the core fans. The board installs as it would in any other case.  After the board was in, it was time to install the video card. I opened the card lock on the expansion slot and installed the card. A quick flick of the lock and the card was held securely in place. No more dropping screws or stripped screw holes. I then reinstalled the core fans. Here is a look with everything installed.



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