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Review: Asus TA-210 ATX Case
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Written by MonkeyMan   
Saturday, 31 December 2005 12:32

MonkeyMan has a review of the Asus TA-210 ATX case which comes complete with a power supply.

Review: Asus TA-210 ATX Case

This is the TA-210 ATX case from Asus, it is currently available with PSU included for under £50 or under $100.


As you can see it is of a fairly basic design but has a nice smooth look to it, the side panels are solid feeling and are easily removed as is the front panel itself. My one criticism of the outside of the case would be that although the drive covers are aesthetically pleasing they have a very lightweight feel to them and I wouldnt buy this case if it was going to be located where it might get knocked about. The ring around the front button lights up blue and flashes orange upon hard disk access.


Suprisingly the PSU that comes in the case is quite weighty and as you can see for a generic, pre-fitted psu has a reasonable output, although its worth mentioning that even though it is dual rail the outputs of 10A and 15A on 12v probably equate to less than 20A when combined.



Notice the 20 + 4 pin connector on the PSU this means that even if it won't have enough power to drive a high end or overclocked system the PSU is at least compatible with newer motherboards. All edges inside that you are likely to sustain injury on have been folded and the drives simply use the old style screw in method, it comes with one fan supplied (although this is a high RPM/low CFM fan), the front panel wiring is well labelled and both the block connectors and single wire connnections are proovided for USB etc. which is useful if you are using for example a HP motherboard with custom headers. 


Having the rear fan guard bowed outwards means less air restriction for the fans and consequently reduced noise, when coupled with a reasonable quality fan the noise from this case is minimal.


 Overall this case demonstrates good value for money, is of a reasonable weight and looks good.


PSU included
Metal parts well constructed
Looks good


PSU not useful for high-end PC
Front panel feels weak


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