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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS - Second Smoke Test
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 January 2006 00:00
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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS
The Operation
The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
The Operation - Removing the Battery
The Operation - Opening It Up
The Operation - Exposed Wiring
The Operation - Changing Connectors
The Operation - Splicing
First Smoke Test
Build the Battery Pack
Build the Battery Pack - The Wiring Harness
Second Smoke Test
Reassembly and Final Configuration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - Calibration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - All Done
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Second Smoke Test

It's time to see if we've got it right, or if we've really messed something up. Hopefully, if things are too bad out of whack, the fuse on the battery pack will break the circuit before something Really Bad happens.

Plug your new external battery pack into your new external battery pack connector on your UPS. MAKE SURE YOUR INTERNAL PACK IS UNPLUGGED! As before, press the 'Test' button on the UPS and see if everything powers up. If it does, we're golden and can proceed to the next phase. If not, go back and double-check the wiring on the battery pack (we've already established that the connector works). Turn the UPS off, unplug the external pack and plug in the internal pack. Now, plug the external pack back in. Note: It is normal at this stage to see a fairly healthy spark as you plug the external pack in; the two packs will be at different voltages and charge levels. Once they are connected, they will begin equalizing charges. Turn the UPS on via the 'Test' button once more, and verify normal operation. As before, if the UPS behaves in ANY way that is unusual, disconnect the external battery IMMEDIATELY, shut everything down, and double-check the wiring of your external battery pack.

Once you are satisfied that everything is working properly, shut down the UPS and remove both battery packs once more.

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