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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS - The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 January 2006 00:00
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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS
The Operation
The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
The Operation - Removing the Battery
The Operation - Opening It Up
The Operation - Exposed Wiring
The Operation - Changing Connectors
The Operation - Splicing
First Smoke Test
Build the Battery Pack
Build the Battery Pack - The Wiring Harness
Second Smoke Test
Reassembly and Final Configuration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - Calibration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - All Done
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Now that you've got the battery disconnect loose, reach around the front of the unit and hit the 'Test' button. This should cause the unit to turn on briefly and then die with a sickening sound. We do this to ensure that any residual power stored in the input filter capacitors gets bled out of the system so that we don't accidentally fry ourselves.

Next, we remove the battery. To do this, it is necessary to remove the face-plate of the UPS:


This is a very simple operation, as the plate hinges down from the top:


Be careful as you do this; the front-panel electronics are connected to the main unit via a delicate cable. Once you have the face-plate open, you will need to remove the control panel electronics. The PC board simply snaps into place and is easily removed:


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