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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS - The Operation - Removing the Battery
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 January 2006 00:00
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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS
The Operation
The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
The Operation - Removing the Battery
The Operation - Opening It Up
The Operation - Exposed Wiring
The Operation - Changing Connectors
The Operation - Splicing
First Smoke Test
Build the Battery Pack
Build the Battery Pack - The Wiring Harness
Second Smoke Test
Reassembly and Final Configuration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - Calibration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - All Done
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Once we have the face-plate off, we've got to remove the battery compartment access plate so that we can get at the battery. I've hi-lighted the two screws that have to be removed. Once they are taken loose, the access plate will pivot downward and out of the way the same way the face-plate did:


At this point, it's just a simple matter to reach in and pull the battery pack out far enough to access the battery connector:



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