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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS - The Operation - Exposed Wiring
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 January 2006 00:00
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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS
The Operation
The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
The Operation - Removing the Battery
The Operation - Opening It Up
The Operation - Exposed Wiring
The Operation - Changing Connectors
The Operation - Splicing
First Smoke Test
Build the Battery Pack
Build the Battery Pack - The Wiring Harness
Second Smoke Test
Reassembly and Final Configuration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - Calibration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - All Done
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It is first necessary to get the relevant wiring out where we can work with it. To do this, we need to free the cables by unfastening the connector at the rear and the wire retainer in the middle. I have hi-lighted the screws that you need to remove:


Once you remove these screws, you will be able to pull the harness for the internal battery (which we will call the 'battery' harness) and the harness for the battery disconnect plug (which we will call the 'disconnect' harness) out through the side of the unit to where you can work on them. Be careful not to pull too hard, as they are still connected to the main inverter PC board! Also, as you remove the retaining bracket that holds the battery harness in place, you will notice that the insulation has been deformed. Make note of this spot, as it will be useful later.

Looking at the wiring, you will see that the battery harness has a red wire and a black wire, while the disconnect harness has two black wires. In addition, the black wire from the battery harness is the same wire as one of the wires from the disconnect harness. The red wire from the battery harness goes directly to the inverter board. The second black wire on the disconnect harness also runs to the inverter board. When the disconnect plug on the back of the UPS is inserted, it loops the two black wires on the disconnect harness together, completing the circuit from the battery to the UPS inverter board and providing it with battery power.

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