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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS - First Smoke Test
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 January 2006 00:00
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Guide: Adding Extra Run-Time to Your UPS
The Operation
The Operation - Removing the Face-Plate
The Operation - Removing the Battery
The Operation - Opening It Up
The Operation - Exposed Wiring
The Operation - Changing Connectors
The Operation - Splicing
First Smoke Test
Build the Battery Pack
Build the Battery Pack - The Wiring Harness
Second Smoke Test
Reassembly and Final Configuration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - Calibration
Reassembly and Final Configuration - All Done
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First Smoke Test

Ok, now we've got the wiring done. Let's plug a battery pack in and see if everything still works. Start by plugging in your battery pack to your internal battery connector. Press the 'Test' switch and hold it down for a few seconds (the test switch will be the top one on the control board if you hold the board oriented so that the control cable exits at the bottom):


The UPS should power on and indicate that it is running on battery. So far, so good. Shut the UPS off, disconnect the battery pack from the internal battery connector, and plug it into the external battery connector that we just wired up. Once again, press the 'Test' switch and hold it down for a few seconds. If the UPS fails to come on, or gives you some kind of warning beep, or does ANYTHING differently than in the previous test, STOP! Disconnect the battery IMMEDIATELY, and double-check your wiring. Only when you have verified that everything is working properly should you proceed past this point.

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