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Masking Tutorial - Page 2
Written by Booman   
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 23:19
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Step 5: Clean-up paint edges

Cleaning up :: By Booman Cleaning up :: By Booman

As for those areas where the paint chipped or the latex ripped, now we can clean it up.  Use your exacto knife to cut away the chipped edges or to peel up the rest of the latext that may have torn off.

Here is the first painting job after its been cleaned up.

Clean edges :: By Booman

Step 6: Mask for next color

Existing paint masked :: By Booman

Continue by masking off the painted side by following steps 2 and 3.  Don't forget to make the latex fairly thick so it will peel off without tearing.  You won't need to primer and sand since that was already done, but it would be smart to clean off the surface with a moist towel.

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