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Masking Tutorial - Page 4
Written by Booman   
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 23:19
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Step 10: Final Clean Up

Once again we need to use the exacto knife to clean up any areas that appear messy or inconsistant.  This time be careful not to cut or chip at the first color.  There may be a ridge from any latex under the paint that wasn't removed.  You can either leave it or try cutting it off, but be careful because it may not have paint under it and will reveal the primer.  It may be smarter to just leave it.  Details that small are hard to see unless you put your eye right up to the case.

Clean up :: By Booman Clean up :: By Booman

Here is the final panel with two separate colors.

Finished panel :: By Booman

One final touch is to clean off some of the left over residue from the latex.  I found that a q-tip and some goo-gone cleans it up.  Now you can try to experiment... maybe try fading one color over the other instead of a halting line between the colors.

See the whole of this finished case mod here.

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