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Sapphire Radeon 7950 Overclocked vs 7970 OC vs GTX 580 Overclocked vs 6970 Overclocked
Graphics Cards
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 17:57

From Hardware Heaven:

Back at the beginning of December when AMD first started talking to journalists about their new graphics architecture the focus was very much on the 7970, although the 7950 was mentioned also. It seemed like AMD were on course to launch both cards at the same time, in early January but some last minute changes to the launch meant that the 7970 got a pre-Christmas launch, partner 7970's got a pre-CES launch but the 7950 was nowhere to be seen. There are numerous rumours about why the 7950 was delayed, some "official" that AMD wanted to give it a launch of its own and others about supply issues.

Regardless of the reason for its "late" arrival the 7950 launches today and one of our launch day cards is Sapphires 7950 Overclock. With a custom PCB and cooler this factory overclocked card has two different BIOS profiles and is without doubt one of the more interesting models available. We will be putting it up against overclocked versions of the GTX 580 3GB, 7970 and 6970 to find out how each performs on Intel i7/X79 @ 5.0GHz.



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