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Super-budget Intel motherboards
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 26 November 2012 15:30


As part of our on-going investigation into the best Home Theatre PC hardware for our all-new HTPC section in our buyer's guide, we're currently delving into the latest AMD Socket FM2 and Intel LGA1155 budget offerings. Today we're investigating just how cheap you can go with Intel's current mid-range CPU socket when it comes to motherboards, and the sacrifices you'll probably have to make.

Asus Maximus V Gene review
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 15:45


It’s fair to say that we’re fans of Asus’s Gene line of motherboards here at bit-tech; they’ve reliably provided a dinky and, crucially, relatively affordable way to get a Republic of Gamers (ROG) board into a build. This is useful for two reasons; firstly ROG boards look great thanks to their strong red and black colour scheme and their aggressively styled heatsinks, and secondly ROG boards tend to sport all the latest technical whizz bangery that the clever chaps at Asus have come up with.

Best of the best: 10 top PC upgrades on test
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:06

From TechRadar:

The high performance PC is dead. If you're a gamer, that certainly seemed like one of the take home facts from last issue's astonishing performance comparison exposé.

An exotic PC with £3,000 worth of top-end components took on a gaming-focused £300 system and a quartet of keen gamers couldn't tell the difference. Sobering stuff, but actually very good news for those of us living in the real world and subject to financial realities.

Raspberry Pi review
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 16 April 2012 19:35


It's been the most highly anticipated launch in the history of development boards, but one of the most problem-ridden too. Originally unveiled early last year with a suggested launch schedule of September 2011, the Raspberry Pi single-board computer has proven a beast to get out of the door - but the first retail models are finally landing in customers' hands this week.

Zemlin praises £16 Linux computer: Windows license costs more than four Raspberry Pis
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 02 March 2012 17:45

From ArsTechnica:

In a blog post written this morning, Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin praised the Raspberry Pi foundation's $35 (£22) Linux computer, which met tremendous demand when it launched this week. In his blog post, Zemlin discussed the important role that the Linux platform plays in enabling innovation around low-cost computing.

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