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Best of the best: 10 top PC upgrades on test
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:06

From TechRadar:

The high performance PC is dead. If you're a gamer, that certainly seemed like one of the take home facts from last issue's astonishing performance comparison exposé.

An exotic PC with £3,000 worth of top-end components took on a gaming-focused £300 system and a quartet of keen gamers couldn't tell the difference. Sobering stuff, but actually very good news for those of us living in the real world and subject to financial realities.

Building a PC on a limited budget is the reality for most. The thing is, our gaming PC comparison was all about subjective performance. That means broader system performance was only tangentially part of the mix. Even more importantly, it means outright performance wasn't a factor.



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