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AMD increases performance of Trinity cores
Processors & Memory
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 19 January 2012 17:40

From Fudzilla:

AMD claims that the coming Trinity APU cores are proving to be better than it expected and it has increased performance projections and set up launch timeframe for the chip.

While AMD Trinity will be faster than initially believed, it will be a bit later, probably in the middle of the year. According to performance benchmarks conducted by AMD, the Trinity 35W APU with Piledriver-class x86 cores will provide 25 per cent better x86 performance compared to Llano 35W, with K10.5+ "Husky" x86 cores based on results obtained in PC Mark Vantage Productivity benchmark. AMD stated that Trinity 35W will offer up to 50 per cent better result in 3D Mark Vantage performance benchmark compared to Llano 35W.



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