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Written by ThunderRd   
Monday, 24 September 2007 06:02
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How to backup your F@H files for recovery
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Next, in the right-hand pane, UNTICK *smpd* and *msiexec*. This isn't really important, but it will save you a reboot after restoring, because at the very least, smpd will be a running system process that WBU can't restore until a reboot. (Perhaps msiexec as well, if you didn't kill the process.)

Clicking Next will bring up the destination window. Choose the place you want to BU to; I use a BU directory on the drive. Name the file and click save, next.

The Type dialog follows. I use Normal. We're going to delete the BU file after the WU is done, so we're not concerned with disk space. The next dialog is an options window. Tick "Verify Data". Don't tick the other two boxes, especially "Disable Shadow Copy"; this is enabled by default so Windows can back up a file currently in use. Many of our F@H files will be in this state so it has to be enabled. The next window has more options. MAKE SURE you tick APPEND BACKUP. If you don't, we will overwrite the prior backup and you will lose rollback ability, which is what we're after.




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