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Monday, 24 September 2007 06:02
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How to backup your F@H files for recovery
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The next window is a scheduler, called "When to back up". Click Later, and name the job file. Click Set Schedule. On the Schedule tab, in the Schedule task drop down, click DAILY. This isn't intuitive at all, but bear with me for a moment. Fill in a Start Time about 1 hour in the future. In Schedule Task Daily, make sure it reads 1 Day.

In the same window, click Advanced. Enter Today's date, do not click End Date. Click Repeat Task. Enter "Every 60 minutes" or as frequently as you want. Click the Duration radio button. Enter 24 hours, and OK out of the window. The next window will recap your settings; I had no need to make any other settings, although there are some power management options on the Settings tab. OK out of this window.

A dialog will come up asking for a password. If you are running the SMP client, you must have a Windows logon password set. The SMP client doesn't like blank passwords, and will most likely not work without one. Well, WBU won't work without a password either, and you will have to enter it twice right here. Enter your logon password now. You will get the same "When to back up" window that you saw before. Do nothing except Next to leave the window.

Windows will then ask you for your password again. Enter it and OK out. Finally, you will be presented with a recap window, called Completing the Backup Wizard. Review the details for correctness, and Finish.





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