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Written by ThunderRd   
Monday, 24 September 2007 06:02
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How to backup your F@H files for recovery
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Now, each hour, WBU will backup your active F@H directory, and it will append each hour's BU to the prior ones. If a WU hangs or breaks, you can use WBU to roll back the directory to recover lost work. Just use the Restore feature. It is a lot more intuitive than the scheduler. Just make sure that it is set to Replace Files, as it isn't by default. Then, in the left hand pane, scroll down to the last BU and count back hour by hour until you know that you are at a point before the stall. Then Restore. If it doesn't work then count back 1 or 2 hours more and try again.

For housekeeping, simply delete the backup file after uploading the finished WU. This way you won't slowly eat up your disk space. It will also be easier to find the correct hour to restore if you need to. You don't want to have more than one WU in the backup file.

For people who have lost WUs for no apparent reason, I can say that I have, so far, been successful in completing about 90% of stalled WUs after rolling back.

Hope this helps some of you.



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