64-bit LINUX setup guide for GPU client under WINE
Written by ccperf721p   
Saturday, 10 October 2009 16:41

This is the finished version of the linux GPU2 folding guide. I've tested it on a couple of rigs and can verify it does work.
These are Ubuntu/Mint linux 64-bit instructions. 32-bit set up is coming soon. Can be used for Gentoo, Arch and most other distros with some modifications. Under Gentoo you only need to install wine and start from that point in the guide as the rest is already in place. You will need to mask any nvidia-drivers newer than 180.60 to make it happen though. Under Arch you will need to install base-devel and wine.

Make sure you have an updated system with the 180 series nvidia drivers. Can be installed through the package manager. Do not install drivers newer than the 180 series if you plan to run GPU2. They do not work and will only give an UNSTABLE_MACHINE error.

For the rest, go here:

64-bit LINUX setup guide for GPU client under WINE

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