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Artistic trickery: Ars looks at indie mech game Hawken
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 19:05

From ArsTechnica:

The term "indie game" tends to elicit images of retro-styled platformers or art games. And that's what makes the upcoming mech game Hawken from Adhesive Games so impressive. Though it has only been in development for 10 months and is being created by a relatively small team, early footage of Hawken shows visuals that rival that of many AAA releases. Studio cofounder Christopher Lalli spoke with Ars about the importance of a strong art direction and how to "cheat" to make a game look better.

Adhesive Games was formed less than a year ago by several former Intel employees who had previously worked together on a cancelled fantasy FPS project. After setting out on their own, the team at Adhesive initially started working on a 2D side-scroller before making the switch to a sci-fi first-person shooter.



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