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Review: Star Trek Legacy (PC) - From Bad to Worse...
Written by Pitch   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 10:02
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Review: Star Trek Legacy (PC)
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You control your ship in a chase camera type view, using your mouse to rotate around. You can control up to 4 Ships taking direct control of any of them at any time. However, since the AI is woefully stupid, I can say that I only really enjoyed spending time in a one ship fleet.

As if I needed more reason to get worked up, I found that my non-configurable controls were rubbish.

Why on earth would you map “select target” and “intercept target” to the same key?!

So now, when ever I want to select a target to attack it, the AI hijacks my ship and sends me on a collision course. Fantastic.

Just what I need while trying to make a retreat... I'll line up my rear torpedo tubes getting ready to rock my pursuers with a volley of Photons... select the target... and lo and behold, my ship does a U- turn! “Nooooooo!” I scream as the AI drives my crippled starship through a great curtain of incoming fire... “Mission failed.”

Great.. I'll just reload... oh no.. I forgot, there is no save option. <sigh>

And there's the ship handling.

Exactly why can't I cruise upside down? Why don't I have full axis of movement? This is SPACE after all; Down is whatever direction I say it is! And WHY does the AI suddenly take over control of my ship mid manoeuvre?!

Everything so far was pointing to the fact that this game should have never been released on PC; the control, the preconfigured key bindings... it all just made the game feel like an Arcade style shoot-em-up.

This is NOT what this game should have been.

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