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Review: Star Trek Legacy (PC) - Multiplayer
Written by Pitch   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 10:02
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Review: Star Trek Legacy (PC)
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The multiplayer is good - good enough to save the game in all honesty. Fighting human opponents and being forced to use tactics made the multiplayer a lot of fun. The ship balance is good and one can't expect to stand off against certain ships without altering your tactics.

I played the game over a LAN with a friend of mine, we chose different teams and each had an AI team mate just to throw some more ships into the fray, and as far as multiplayer experiences go, I was impressed. Sure I was bullying him down with the Defiant, keeping in the blind spots of his hulking Klingon Battle Cruiser and using it's natural manoeuvrability to avoid incoming fire, but it was all fun, and after all the dust settled, I really saw a glimmer of hope. Heck I was in a Defiant, flying circles round a Vor'cha while peppering it with Pulse Phasers, what more could I want from a Trek Game?

What's more, the modders kicked in and started completely redesigning the game, fixing most of those little stupid things and overall turning it into a much better game. Community projects such as Heroes and Legends are worth keeping an eye on.



The game is pretty demanding when all the shooting starts and can become pretty demanding. Demanding to the fact that the game defaults multiplayer to only allow a maximum of 16 Ships. It's not the best Trek game ever, but it's not the worst. The campaign is playable and the multiplayer is good. It's not complicated, liken it to the Arcade racer of the Trek games. Those who who prefer Racing Sims may want to move on, but if you enjoy a good sessions of space born destruction, Legacy may well hit the spot.

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