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How-To: Homemade spray booth - Page 3
Written by Booman   
Saturday, 19 August 2006 13:26
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How-To: Homemade spray booth
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Step Two - Base and Top

Now, assemble those by sliding the 90 angle over each of the 18-inch pieces.  Then align those with the 12-inch pieces so it ends up as a square. Make sure all of the "T" pieces are facing upwards. This will be the bottom.

Next make that same square but with the "T" pieces facing down.  This will be the top.


Completed base section.

Step Three - Insert Uprights

Lay the bottom frame with the "T" junctions pointing up and insert the 60-inch pieces.  At this point you can use some PVC glue to make these connections permanent , but I found that just sliding them in holds very well. I also had to consider human error before making anything permanent.

Have someone help you hold the 60-inch pieces while you take the top frame and slide it on accordingly. Here is where you will see if you put all the frame pieces in the right order. Don't force any of the pieces together. Try twisting and pulling/pushing on the PVC to get everything to slide together.

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