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How-To: Homemade spray booth - Page 4
Written by Booman   
Saturday, 19 August 2006 13:26
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Step Four - Attach Liner

Now its time to start attaching the shower liner to the frame.  Your goal is to have four separate pieces of frame that can be dissasembled and stored without using a lot of space. Because of this, I had to cut four equal sections of liner to wrap around each corner. Each piece would start at the middle 6-inch PVC and wrap around to the next. I also made sure there was some overlapping of the liners so I can attach the velcro to hold the sections together.  Each piece ended up being 48 inches or so. Make sure to measure them longer than needed so you can just cut the extra off when you attach the velcro.  Now just line up the holes in the top of the liner with the PVC and slide the zip tie around it. When you are done attaching the liner, cut the zip ties with your wire cutter.  Then rotate the zip ties so the sharp edge is inside the liner.

Your finished section should look like this picture.



Now just continue each section of frame.  Don't forget to make the liner overlap at the 6-inch PVC pipe area.

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