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How-To: Homemade spray booth - Page 8
Written by Booman   
Saturday, 19 August 2006 13:26
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How-To: Homemade spray booth
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Step Eight

After doing some trial painting I thought there may be a need for fans to suck out floating particles of spray paint. As you are spraying a lot of overspray will float and dry in the air. This may leave a coat of dust on your finish or in between the layers of you finish.  I bought some small $5 fans and installed them on both sides of the booth at the top. I think the top of the booth is the best spot because it will suck out any overspray before it falls back on the piece you are painting. I used zip ties to hang the fans up-side-down and made sure the power cables could reach the same powerstrip or outlet.  This will reduce any overspray that may stick to your case but also increase inhalation of paint because it sucks the paint from inside and blows it outside. I recommend painting a few times without the fans and see how your finish looks. If you have any problems, then the fans can be installed quickly.

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