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gAtari 2600 turns game console into a handheld instrument
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 02 January 2012 21:04

From Gizmag:

Australian musician, cTrix, turned a 1970's game console into a handheld instrument dubbed the 'gAtari 2600'.

Taking an old computer or game console and modifying it for music isn't very new - it's even spawned its own style of music called "chiptunes." But most artists that do this end up standing behind a table while they perform, since that gear can take up quite a bit of room. So, like the keyboard player who looked at the guitarist and said, "Hey! I want to do that!" one musician has created a handheld musical instrument out of a 1970's game console. Australian chiptune artist, cTrix, crafted together an Atari 2600, some custom software, and various musical modifiers to build a standalone instrument that he calls the "gAtari 2600."



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