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X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 09 April 2007 20:31
(Image courtesy of ShortMedia)

By Quinton Healy

Many years ago I jumped onto the “wireless headset” band wagon. Why did I take the plunge? I was tired of running over my headset wires with my chair. My headset was either being violently ripped off my head, or rudely unplugged from my computer. Ultimately, the headset wires were shredded from being run over. As a matter of fact, I spent more time repairing the wires than I care to think about.

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After replacing several headsets, I decided to “splurge” and buy a 900 MHz wireless headset (no mic) for $99. The specifications looked great: a range of almost 100 feet! It didn’t resolve needing a wireless mic, but at least I could listen to music and play games.

Let me tell you about 900 MHz - it sucks. Every turn or tilt of my head caused static. I tried every conceivable channel combination and antenna position. As for “almost 100 feet” …. yeah, right. Fifteen clear, un-obstructed feet and I would start to lose signal or just drop the connection. I’m sure I could have stood on my head with my arms and legs strategically placed in order to maximize the signal, but at only 15 feet … come on.

Then there was the battery life. Two AAA rechargeable batteries seemed to last about 20 minutes. You may be asking, “why did he put up with this?” At almost $100 I should have returned them, but after throwing them on the ground a few times, the headset stopped emitting static. Actually, it stopped emitting any sound and I’m sure the store wouldn’t take it back in that condition.

I have since gone back to normal “wired” headsets, but there must to be a better solution today. With that experience behind us, we'll review BlueAnt’s X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset - with a removable microphone!

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