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Thermaltake Soprano DX Mid-Tower Case
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 25 November 2007 23:12
Thermaltake Soprano DX Mid-Tower
(Image from Tech Lounge)

Read along with the Tech Lounge as they evaluate this unit:

If you've ever shown off your computer, you know that the case is what sets it apart first, and most prominently. There's everything that goes into it, and that's an attraction (cases with windows in point),but the box itself makes the first impression.

Read the full review at The Tech Lounge:

Nobody is saying that the Thermaltake Soprano DX looks cheap. Although not the first of its kind, with overlapping, curved lines and a reflective metal-flake finish, it absolutely makes a show of combined elegance and stature. The black is accentuated by chrome lines and blue lighting, neither subtle nor minimalistic, but far from overstated. It's a good-looking case.

But then, what's on the inside? On paper, it looks as though it's a standard-layout ATX chassis, with just a few friendly changes. Are they solid improvements to a solid standard, or does the Soprano DX ship without innovation, empty-handed and plain? (Plain in a damn-good-looking sort of way.)

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