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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards
Written by Booman   
Friday, 07 September 2012 00:00
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Mint 13 USB installation for Gigabyte motherboards
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(and other stubborn chipsets that won't run Linux Live via USB)

This guide will help you to get Mint 13 installed and running from a USB flash drive.

You'll need to have a USB flash drive with a capacity of at least a 4GB.

To begin, download the following free software:

Step 1: Format USB Flash Drive

Use the HP USB format tool to erase and prepare your FAT 32 USB drive.

Device: double check that the drive letter is your flash drive. Go to Start, computer and your removable drive should be on the list with the same drive letter. In my case its G:\

File System: FAT32 will work just fine.

Volume label: doesn't matter what you put because the Pendrivelinux will overwrite it.

Format Options: I have used both checked and unchecked Quick Format. They both work fine. Do not enable compression and do not create a DOS startup disk.

Now, click Start. When it’s finished, there should be a pop-up summary.
















Step 2: Install ISO

Use Pendrivelinux to install the .ISO onto the USB flash drive.  Select your Mint13 distribution from the list.  Pendrivelinux is a very nice tool because it lists almost all the common distributions in the first drop-down menu.
Do not check the "Download the iso (Optional)" because you should already have it.
Browse to the location of the ISO (I saved mine to my desktop).
Select the same drive letter from the previous step.  Mine was G:\.
Do not format with Pendrivelinux because something about the process breaks the boot to USB on some Gigabyte motherboards (hence why we used the HP USB format tool).
Select Persistance.  This is a VERY valuable and necessary feature!
Persistance will allow you to use free space on the USB Flash Drive for installing programs or updating Mint.  I used it to update Mint as you will see in my next step.
Click Create and it will pop up with a summary.  If it says "format drive" go back and uncheck the format option.














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