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Linux Driver Project gets big backing
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 27 September 2007 21:45
In January of this year, Greg Kroah spear-headed the creation of a project to build drivers for Linux .  The proposition was simple: companies could come to the project, provide the technical specs, and the project would build the drivers for Linux.  All the company had to do was provide the necessary info; the project would provide all the necessary resources to actually write and maintain the drivers.  The project members were even willing to sign NDAs as necessary, provided that the end result would a GPL compatible driver.


Unfortunately, in Greg's own words "I never expected it to be so popular".  Both companies and volunteers poured out of the wood-work, and Greg found himself swamped between the demands of his day job working for Novell, his hobby of writing Linux drivers, and the demands of the kernel driver project.

He had to make a choice, and the project got the short end of the stick.  That has now changed.

Novell have seen the value of Greg's work and decided to sponsor him to wrangle this project full time.  As a consequence, we should begin seeing additional drivers becoming available for Linux, hopefully rather rapidly.  If you are interested in or wish to participate in this project, visit the Linux Driver Project web site .

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