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Linux gOS 2.0 to be unsheathed Monday
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 05 January 2008 11:09
Should've called it Google Linux

By Egan Orion: Friday, 04 January 2008, 1:04 PM
The Inquirer

UPSTART LINUX distribution Good OS will release gOS version 2.0, nicknamed Rocket, at CES in Las Vegas on Monday, January 7th.
The Ubuntu 7.1 based gOS version 1.0 seemingly came out of nowhere to quickly gain popularity on the back of its preload on the Everex Green PC TC2502 sold at discount mega-chain Wal-mart stores for only $199 without monitor.

The gOS system differs from most mainstream Linux distributions by using the lightweight Enlightenment desktop manager instead of Gnome or KDE. It also incorporates a Google toolbar into the desktop to tightly integrate Google's web based email, office and other applications. The gOS system also comes with the Firefox web browser and the Openoffice suite of local productivity applications.... Comment in the Forums

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