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Flextronics Gains Steam As Clean Tech Manufacturer
Tech Business
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 19:16

From Forbes:

Companies like SunPower, Cisco and Enphase aren't trumpeting who makes some or all of their products. But the quiet manufacturer behind a growing number of solar, smart grid and solar inverter companies is Flextronics, the same company that makes Blackberrys, the Redbox DVD rental kiosks and desktop computers for Lenovo, to name just a few of its customers.


"Clean tech is one of the fastest growing areas of our industrial division," says EC Sykes, the president of Flextronics' industrial division, which accounts for 16% of Flextronics $24 billion in revenues. Flextronics doesn't break out its clean tech business revenues, but analysts put its clean tech revenues in the $300 million range. Amitabh Passi, an analyst at UBS, says Flextronics has aspirations to increase clean tech manufacturing revenues to $1 billion in about three years, which implies 30% to 40% compound annual growth in that business.

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