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AMD announces Trinity, talks Llano, launches Z series at Computex
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Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 02 June 2011 06:59

From ArsTechnica:

In a surprise announcement at Computex in Taiwan, AMD unveiled its plans to produce a Bulldozer-based APU, codenamed Trinity. The company also launched its Z series chips, aimed at Windows tablets, and announced the official branding for its Llano APUs. ("APU" is AMD-speak for a processor that combines CPU and GPU cores on a single die.

Not much was revealed about the 32nm Trinity chip apart from the codename, the fact that it combines Bulldozer cores with a GPU, and the fact that the GPU supports DX11. There has been some speculation that the "Trinity" name is somehow significant, but this seems doubtful. Of course, a single-core version of the new chip would combine a large floating-point unit, a pair of integer units, and a GPU on a single die—that's three main number-crunching blocks—but the same could realistically be said of all of AMD's APUs, so it's unlikely that the name is connected to the chip's design.



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