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Amazon bests Microsoft, all other contenders in cloud storage test
Tech Business
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 17:49

From ArsTechnica:

Amazon's S3 Simple Storage Service has outperformed Microsoft's Windows Azure Storage and all other major providers in an extensive study testing the feasibility of businesses using cloud services for primary storage, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Nasuni, which sells data protection services that work across any type of cloud storage, says it has been testing the 16 largest cloud storage providers (CSPs) since April 2009 to determine the best services for its customers. Ultimately, only six of the 16 providers passed Nasuni's testing—in addition to Amazon and Microsoft, the other winners were Nirvanix, Rackspace, AT&T Synaptic, and Peer1 Hosting. Both AT&T and Peer1 use EMC's Atmos platform on the back end, although EMC itself discontinued its own public cloud based on Atmos.


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