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I just recently started to learn assembly. I'm also working on C++,
but I gravitate towards assembly because I use to write assembler for the IBM mainframe. It appears to be very similiar, so I can easily relate. In the mainframe world we would use assembler for any critical high transaction type processing and whenever we wanted to do something clever, versus Cobol. I was addicted for about 10 years to coding assembler, then burned out. Now after reviewing X-86 architecture I'm starting to get the bug back. If you want to know what your code is doing you can't get any better than this. It translates directly to machine language so if there is an efficiency or whatever problem you have to point the finger at your code and not at a compiler.
That web site you mentioned, flash daddy's looks great. I'll definitely scope it out. I highly encourage people to give assembly a try. You basically have to memorize 60 or so instructions (mnemomic ) from there the sky is the limit as to whatever you want to code. By using/coding macros and common subprograms and being structured in how it is organized you'd be surprised as to how fast you can turn code out.
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