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The rad is good for a TEC setup, users on Bigforums that have similar setups see 5c rise with a load of arround 700W total - not bad.We tested the Abyss to 2Kw , but TBH that means very little.
Problem with majority of car heater cores is they are Alu based. The OCPC rad are Twin Oval tube designs with High comapct copper fins(full length). Made from Copper and brass components, with soldered joints. All pre-pressure tested to 100PSI air , submerged in a dip tank means they are about as good and safe as a rad can get.
Pressure drop And other specs at
The Maze3 does not perform all that great with lowish flows, its total surface area close to the critical area is very low. Since you have such a large radiator it would have been worth you going for a 1250 pump.
But temp readings are very innacurate on SoA Motherboards, do a little experiment. Get a fan fitted so it points at the Waterblock/Socket area, and watch your temps drop. This would be a more consistant comparison as you will now have airflow around the socket area as you get with a HSF - sadly temp reading are to be taken with a pinch of salt from AMD setups, but one thing you can always rely on every motherboard will read wrong.
Watercooling will help otherways for your setup - you should find stability at higher overclocks, especialy with higher vcore.
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