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Thumbs up Bluetooth headset!

I've got a bluetooth headset for my bluetooth phone, which is cool . After picking up a bluetooth dongle for my PC, I thought I'd try setting up a connection from the PC to the bluetooth headset. Of course, it didn't work! So much for modern technology.

So, I had a poke around, and discovered some things...

It would seem that most PC bluetooth adaptors (esp the cheaper USB ones!) use Widcomm's BTW stack. Widcomm just about claim their Bluetooth stack (BTW) supports the Headset Profile, which is needed to communicate with a Bluetooth Headset.

On version of the BTW Bluetooth stack, there are some extra files hidden away. Navigate to the directory where the BTW software is installed (E.G. "c:\program files\billionton" or "c:\program files\microstar"). Inside the directory should be a bunch of other directories. Look inside the "bin" directory.

There should be a "headset.reg" file, which contains the registry settings for the headset profile. Double clicking on it will insert the info into the registry, and the BTW software will suddenly recognise the Headset Profile and the Voice Gateway profile.

This isn't enough to make it work though! If you try to connect, you'll get a nice error message.

The next step is to install the Bluetooth Audio device. I did this by going to Add/Remove hardware, and "Add", "Add a new device", "No, I want to select"..., then "Sound, Video and game controllers", then "have disk". Point the "Locate File" at the "BtAudio.inf" file, and let it rip! You'll need to reboot afterwards.

Unfortunately, I'm having problems with stuttering sound, which makes it difficult to use.

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