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Well I went out and bought that Envision en910e. I took apart the old monitor to see if I could find any obious source of the problem. I found a small X-former right next to the AC in on the motherboard, that was melted. All of the insulation was melted and dripping on the board below just like tiny icicles. If it was a cap that went bad I could see trying to replace it just to see what happens. But since it was a transformer it kinda makes me wonder what voltage went surging through the system right befor it died.

As for the en910e.......
You get what you pay for. The screen has a lot of curve to it. The Shadow mask can be seen against a light background. Looks like miniture expanded metal grill, I am slowly getting used to it just like I did the 2 horizontal lines. The grill is invisible while playing games. The text is sharp even at the corners. And the colors are adequate. I would recomend one for kids or for someone on a very tight budget that wants a 19" monitor. I would sugest that anyone else purchase a pure flat monitor.

I miss my viewsonic.
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