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Acer 1203 XV!

Hi everyone, I'm new in this Forum

I have a problem:
I own an Acer 1203 XV with Celly Tualatin 1,3 ghz 256K cache. The FSB actually stay at 100 Mhz and the performance are poor, especially in 3D application.
So i have two questions:

1 - Can I change the FSB to 133 Mhz with CPU FSB or SETFSB? The motherboard is a Compal CY 23 and support Pentium CPU 100/133 MHZ and Celly tualatin, but I don't know which is the motherboard's PLL

2 - If I cant' change the FSB speed with a software programs, can I change the CPU with a P3 1000 EB (or a P3 1133 EB 512K cache?)

Thank You very very much!

P.s Sorry for my english
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