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Originally posted by fabbro76

Thank tou for your help, I appreciate it!
So, my video card is a S3 Twister with 8-16-32 MB with shared memory architecture (integrated in the Northbridge). I pumped it to 153 Mhz (with powerstrip) but the performance remain the same.

Just as I suspected, your video card isn't exactly the best for 3D. It can handle windows and 2D alright though.

Do you want to use it for gaming?


I don't understand....sorry My laptop isn't capable to run at 133 Mhz? Why?
At last, if I use SoftFSB, which are the crrect settings for my laptop and wich PLL and Motherboard brand should I set?
Thank You very much, and thanks for your help!!
Your CPU runs at 13 * 100 = 1300 MHz. If you set the FSB to 133, the CPU should run at 13 * 133 = 1733MHz. It cannot! It is not cooled nearly well enough for that in a laptop, and most other components in your laptop won't cope with high FSB's either.

Laptops are poor overclockers, sorry. I generally advice against overclocking them, but maybe that is just me being over-cautious...

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