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Originally posted by Allan

Just as I suspected, your video card isn't exactly the best for 3D. It can handle windows and 2D alright though.

Do you want to use it for gaming?
Nope......but in my sparetime, usually i'd like to play with some 3D game...but the performance are low, especially when it runs at 32 Bit

Originally posted by Allan

Your CPU runs at 13 * 100 = 1300 MHz. If you set the FSB to 133, the CPU should run at 13 * 133 = 1733MHz. It cannot! It is not cooled nearly well enough for that in a laptop, and most other components in your laptop won't cope with high FSB's either.

Laptops are poor overclockers, sorry. I generally advice against overclocking them, but maybe that is just me being over-cautious...

Ok.....It's all clear! But ......can I use the CPUFSB to increase the FSB to 1 or 2 Mhz? If yes, which are the exact settings?

Very very very thanks!!!!!!
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