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Originally posted by fabbro76

Nope......but in my sparetime, usually i'd like to play with some 3D game...but the performance are low, especially when it runs at 32 Bit

You should run it with 16 bit! It improves performance quite a bit, and it won't be too ugly either!

The shared RAM is really holding it back. Give it as much RAM as it can take - 32 MB - (if you can spare it for office apps etc). I'm afraid you will have to settle with what you have. Direct3D and OpenGL really aren't good on your video card. Be sure to update the drivers if you can, as it can improve performance a bit sometimes.


Ok.....It's all clear! But ......can I use the CPUFSB to increase the FSB to 1 or 2 Mhz? If yes, which are the exact settings?

If the chipset is supported by the SOFTFSB application you might be able to get an extra MHz or two out of it. I wish I knew what settins you should use - but I don't! Sorry. I don't think it would be worth the hassle anyway. If you succesfully overclock it, please remember that it will consume more power (shorten battery time) and generate more heat.


Very very very thanks!!!!!!
No problem, don't mention it.
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