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The format that everyone knows and loves! The CD has been around for many years now, developed as a replacement for the Compact Cassette. A CD uses no compression at all! The CD stores audio in stereo at 16bits, sampled at 44.1kHz. This gives it a bit rate of around 1.76MBits/second.

Sony's MiniDisc format is based around a re-writeable optical disc. This disc can store up to 80MBytes, and uses Sony's ATRAC compression to reduce the storage requirements of audio.

DVD Audio
Unlike CD, DVD Audio supports multiple rates. In 2 channel stereo, DVD Audio can run up to 196kHz sampling rates in 24bits. In multichannel, DVD Audio can run up to 96kHz at 24bits, but is using Dolby Digital or DTS to provide up to 6 channels. This gives DVD Audio a data rate of around 9.6MBit/second. Unfortunately, DVD Audio uses so much bandwidth that a standard S/PDIF connection cannot handle the data. In this instance, FireWire can be used to move the digital audio from one device to another. DVD Audio promises better sound than CD, but currently has limited support.
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