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Another dead g4 4600

Unfortunalty I 've join the dead g4 4600 group. Installed
my XP 2800 into my 8RDA+, one stick 512mb Crosair XMS 3500 in the
first memory slot and my g4. All went well, had to reinstall XP,
but no major problem.
After letting it run for a while, I decided to add my other stick of
512mb Crosair XMS 3500 in the third slot to see if I was going to have the problem some people have been having. Booting up I
get the C1 error, plus no video. Tried everthing to get it to post,
Put a old V3 3000 pci in, it boots right up. I don't have another
agp card I'm willing to sacrifice. If I put the g4 in the agp slot, it wont post at all, even with the V3 still hook to the monitor. Tried
g4 in other machine, dead.

My card was a Visiontek, rumors have been BFG may honor
Visiontek waranty.
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